Creating a wedding album is something that isn’t done often enough these days. It’s an inexpensive way to preserve the memories of your big day and come back to for years after you’ve forgotten all the little details. A wedding album will also encourage other family members to share their stories about what they did on your special day too!

Do people still get wedding albums?

In a digital age, albums can often be overlooked. It is, however, important to think about the future and have a physical record of one of the most important days of your life. Technology is forever changing, so if the worry of having lost your only copies of all those fantastic photos isn’t enough to convince you, think about how many of today’s gadgets are not compatible with future technology. I always encourage my couples to get a wedding album as it’s a fantastic way of preserving memories that you will always be able to locate easily when required (no searching multiple hard drives!).

Why getting a wedding album is important

Why a wedding album is important

Your wedding photos deserve so much more than just sitting on your computer! Your wedding probably will represent a significant investment. A great photographer will work with you to design an album that is not just a collection of photographs but tells a story. Your wedding album should tell a beautiful story, beginning to end. It’s important that your images are displayed well and look the way you want them to. You put a lot of time into choosing imagery that displays how you envisioned your day, so why would you display them in anything less than the best way possible?

A tangible product such as a wedding album carries far more emotion than digital files on a USB!

At one time a wedding album was a necessity.

Before digital photography, you could print out memories on paper. Instead of receiving their wedding pictures, couples would make an appointment with their photographer to look at small prints known as proofs. They used these proofs to choose those they love and discard the rest. The photographer went back to the darkroom and physically printed single snapshots of each image. Photos on this album are typically the only photographs surviving from an actual wedding. Photos were generally stored for safekeeping in shoe boxes or an album. It was later inserted into an album.

Why getting a wedding album is important

Your wedding album is a physical backup

Physical albums are meant to last decades and your memory will be intact. Albums are wonderful souvenir items, with the added value of archivability.

It’s your legacy.

Wedding albums are a great way to tell a story about your family that started! Your wedding photos are one of the only items remaining during your wedding anniversary – you’ll cherish them forever. Even though wedding albums are pricey, you should consider purchasing one to preserve your family’s history. I’m happy and proud to design and produce wedding albums for my clients. One day the next generation will be able to flip through their stories.

Why getting a wedding album is important

A wedding album is future proof!

“Yeah but I’ve got all my images on a hard drive…”

Certainly, a great idea but those who can relate will know the horrors of a hard drive failure!

All machines including your smartphone, also have a piece of hardware called a hard drive. In this area, all your personal information and photos are kept. As it ages, the hard drive will wear down and eventually become damaged, causing you to lose everything in your computer. You can lose all of your wedding memories in a second!

Why getting a wedding album is important

Show off months (often years) of planning!

A lot of effort, thought and consideration goes into making a wedding happen. It would be such a shame to let your memories gather digital dust!

A wedding album allows you to show off to your friends and family whenever they pop round for a cuppa! Relive the wedding over and over and take pride in the memories you’ve made.


Getting the right wedding album!

A wedding album should be seen as an investment and will be with you forever, so it is important that you take time in choosing one that really reflects your personality.

Many albums are customisable, so you can create a book that is bound to your wedding theme and colours.

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Why getting a wedding album is important

Cost of an album

Albums can start as low as £350 and go through as much as you desire depending on the size, the making and the number of pages you choose. The beauty of the album is that it’s something you can order when the wedding is over so you don’t have to pay immediately. You can choose the album 6 months after the wedding with some photographers giving you a year to choose and purchase. Are you looking to use your marriage present to fund something? Use some of your wedding money to buy a luxurious wedding album for £500 – £700 instead. You won’t regret spending a little extra on a luxurious album.


Wedding albums are also an easy way to share your day with friends and family who couldn’t make it on your big day. They also serve as gifts for friends and relatives who were unable to attend your nuptials.


If you’re looking for a beautiful way to showcase your wedding memories, then investing in a high-quality album is a perfect choice. You’ll be able to show off months (often years) of planning that has gone into making this day happen with friends and family anytime they come round for tea!

I’m very passionate about wedding albums and they look beautiful when professionally made. They deserve to be cared for and kept safe in a book that can be passed down from generation to generation but also enjoyed throughout the year!

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