Why family portraits are important

At first glance, most people would be quick to tell you that family portraits have gone out of style and are not worth paying for. However, family photos are so important. They capture one moment in time and provide a record of your family members from the past; they’re something you can show your grandchildren when they grow up.

These pictures will make them smile and give them a sense of who their parents and grandparents were as children. It is also a wonderful way to spend time with all of your loved ones. You should consider taking a picture together every year or two to see how your family changes over the years.

Are Family Portraits a thing of the past?

I hope not! But with the popularity of Instagram, Facebook and the like, it feels like a never-ending feed of selfies! Have a quick look through your camera feed now – you may notice how very few pictures of just your family you have versus individual snaps?

Sure, you want to remind yourself of how good you looked but it’s just as important to capture your whole family with professional images that will last a lifetime.

why family portraits are so important1
why family portraits are so important1

Family photos to cherish forever

I’ve had the pleasure of capturing my family as they’ve grown and changed over time. You’ll be surprised by how much your children grow in just one year! If you don’t capture their changes then you can’t appreciate how far they have come. It’s not only your children that grow, but you do too and it’s something to appreciate. When I look back at my photos from a year or two ago I see more than just how I’ve changed physically. Looking back at those pictures is like stepping inside of the past, reliving good times with family, seeing what silly faces we made and a chance to reminisce on all of the great times.

When you have family portraits taken, it’s kind of a celebration for your family to mark an event or time. It doesn’t matter whether it’s for a family member that has just had their first baby or a big milestone like a wedding, birthday or anniversary. That portrait will be seen by future family members for years to come. It’s a mark of history in your family and will be passed down from generation to generation.

I love looking back at the photos of my grandparents and parents when they were young, seeing how much they’ve changed and appreciate what they have accomplished. I want to do the same with my children too.

The importance of family

So whether you’re a grandparent, parent or just an aunt, the importance of family portraits has been something that I believe in since becoming both a mom and a photographer. It’s important to capture happy moments and keep them forever. You’ll take pride in seeing your loved ones on display as they continue to grow.

The pictures are wonderful keepsakes you can gift

Christmas or anniversary on the horizon? Booking a family portrait photography session makes for a great present! Or indeed, the resulting photos popped in a frame, photo albums or on a canvas make for priceless presents!

I’ve seen so many families gift portraits to their parents or grandparents and they love having these photos they can hang in a frame or place on their mantlepiece so everyone can see them!

why family portraits are so important1
why family portraits are so important1

Document growth

We can only imagine that kids grow very quickly. They pack their luggage and move away from home just before they’re going to start their own family. The family portrait made every year can be a great way to record the growth for each of them. Bring the opportunity to enjoy some quality time together taking photos by a professional photographer. The days when all family stayed close together were long gone so we should make a real effort to round up our loved ones and capture the moment with professional family portraits.

It’s a lot of fun for the whole family including grandparents and grandchildren.-

The actual shoot itself will provide your family with a wonderful experience that they will remember for years to come.

It’s not always easy to get everyone together so the shoot itself is something you can look forward to! Just imagine how great it would be if we all lived in one place and could meet up regularly, but with busy lives, we now barely see our siblings or parents unless there is a special event like a wedding or birthday milestone.

During the shoot, we’ll have lots of fun – encouraging dad to “smile properly”, laughing as Nan sticks her tongue out and making sure your pets don’t steal the spotlight!

They’re also a great way to boost children’s self-esteem as they follow instructions and receive praise for producing such a wonderful smile!

You’ll leave with beautiful, happy memories that will be passed down to future generations and that’s why family portraits are so important.

why family portraits are so important1

Photos connect families

Family portraits are so important because they let you share memories of your family history with people who weren’t around at that time. It’s amazing how much things can change in one year or even a few months!

You want high-quality photos of your family so you can preserve the memories and share them with friends and relatives, but getting everyone together at one time can be difficult.

I specialise in doing small group shoots that allow you to capture all of your favourite people in one place at one time. Using natural light whenever possible, I can capture your photos outdoors or in the comfort of your own home so you can relive these important milestones forever! No make up required!

I cherish documenting family lives and I hope you do too!

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