Tips for a great family photoshoot

There are many steps you’ll want to take before, during and after the shoot in order to ensure that your family is happy with the end result. We’ve got all of that covered for you right here!

The best family photos are not staged – they happen in the moment when everyone is relaxed and enjoying themselves. However, the key to generating these moments is preparation so that you can have fun with your family resulting in wonderful photos.

Here are some tips to consider before you have your family shoot with a professional photographer.

Wear complementary clothing.

The family photos you will want to avoid are those with family members wearing clothes that don’t go well together. The family should wear clothes in natural colours rather than sporting the latest football team colour. For family photos, neutral and earthy colours like browns, greens and blues make the family members look at their best. These will complement your family’s skin tones and work well with any type of background. It is often recommended for people to wear solid colours since it isn’t distracting like loud patterns, large logos or slogans on t-shirts.

Tips for a great family photoshoot

Prepare the house!

If you’re planning a photoshoot at home, be mindful to clear away clutter from your home. Removing unsightly distractions so the background is uncluttered will help family photos look more professional. The family’s home should be clean, tidy and comfortable.

Turn off the TV and ask family members to disconnect from technology.

Tips for a great family photoshoot

Be prepared to have fun!

When family members are having fun, they’re less self-conscious. They’ll be more likely to “strike a pose” without being told because the photographer will have captured real moments. These are the family photos that are treasured for years to come.

– Bring family members’ favourite things to keep everyone entertained

– Capture family members doing their favourite activities

– Come up with family jokes or inside family stories

– Turn the photography session into a game – it’s more fun when there are rules and prizes!

– Have family members bring props that will make them laugh. Remember, we don’t necessarily have to include these in the collection – we’re just trying to provide a fun environment where your family are comfortable.

– Have family members bring friends and pets along with the family portrait session. Everyone wants great photos of their four-legged friends!

Tips for a great family photoshoot

Bring an activity.

The idea here is to distract them that there’s even a photoshoot occurring resulting in natural, relaxed expressions. For those who aren’t keen on having photos taken, having them do something they’re interested in is sure to keep them occupied and take their mind of the shoot. Once the ice has been broken, they’ll be much looser and you’ll get family photos that are closer to natural.

Tips for a great family photoshoot

Bring Snacks!

A family photo session can be time-consuming so avoid “hangry” family members with a well-timed snack to keep them going. Tired, hungry young children can be hard to handle for pictures so bring supplies to keep family members fuelled.

Apples and oranges are a great idea because they’re easy to eat and you get a bit of variety in colours

Ideally, make sure your family are well fed and watered before the shoot.

Tips for a great family photoshoot

Choose the correct location

Choosing the correct location can make all the difference to a family shoot.

Not only from an aesthetical point of view but a location with a significant meaning to the family make the photo more meaningful.

Wide, open space is ideal for creative family photos because it gives the family room to pose. Consider also, the amount of public that may be at your location so that accidental photo bombing isn’t a problem!

Tips for a great family photoshoot

Choose the right time

I love to shoot during “golden hour”. This is when the sun is low in the sky and family photos appear stunning with beautiful shadows behind family members

The best option is to shoot early mornings or late afternoons when there are nice, soft lighting conditions.

Shooting a photo session in harsh sunlight may result in squinting family pictures!

Tips for a great family photoshoot

Print your photos!

After you’ve got your beautiful family photos, be sure to get them printed so family members have a copy.

You have many options when it comes to printing which can include individual prints, family albums or large canvas. Too often, we have these amazing images just collecting digital dust on computers and phones

Don’t let family memories be lost! Make physical prints of family portraits and be proud to show them off.

Tips for a great family photoshoot


A family photoshoot should be a fun and relaxed experience that captures the family’s true essence. To help you ensure your family portraits come out beautifully, we’ve outlined some tips for preparing them before their shoot as well as what to do afterwards. Be sure to print all those family memories so they can stay with the family forever!