Engagement Shoot


Congratulations on your recent engagement!

I’m here to help you celebrate this special occasion with the perfect photoshoot. Whether it’s for wedding invites, spreading the word on social media or just a way to capture the moment, I’ll make sure that your photos are timeless and beautiful.

I’ll help guide you every step of the way so that we can create images that reflect who you are as individuals – not cookie-cutter poses from an old-fashioned book.
And don’t worry about any awkwardness in front of the camera; I’ll provide you with some subtle tips and tricks to make you feel confident and comfortable during your session. After all, these pictures should be fun!

We had such a fun time with Helen to celebrate our recent engagement. We’ll be using the photos for our wedding invites!
Thanks Helen.


We’re not super confident in front of a camera but Helen had us relaxed in minutes and guided us to some lovely, relaxed photos which we absolutely love! 


The shoot gives you both the opportunity of getting to know me and being together in front of the camera.

An engagement shoot will help you feel more relaxed, comfortable and confident about the photography element of your wedding day.

A real worthwhile investment of your time and so much fun.

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