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Engagement photography tips

Engagement photography is a time to capture the love between two people who are soon to be married. It’s also an opportunity for you and your partner to get comfortable in front of the camera, which will make it easier on both of you when it’s time for your wedding day. That means that before embarking on this important shoot, there are some things you should consider. Here are some tips:

Dress to impress!

Beautifully clothed couples who put thought into coordinating their outfits is a wonderful starting point for memorable photos.

No bold patterns, logos or names!

You want these photos to showcase how happy and in love with each other you are, not distract from it.

Look at this as being fun!

Engagement photography should be a time for you and your partner to have fun together. There’s no need to take yourselves too seriously! The engagement period is an exciting time - let's capture that!

Remember, you're not (usually!) engaged for long so let's make this a fun experience that you'll treasure forever.

Use this opportunity as a chance to get comfortable in front of the camera.


When it comes to your wedding day, you’ll feel much more relaxed if you and your partner have already practiced in front of the camera. Your engagement photos will be a great way for both partners to get comfortable before that big day.

Not everyone is a natural when a camera is pointed at you so having this camera time will be a great help.

This is your time to be yourselves! You may feel awkward at first, but that’s okay because these are just practice photos for the big day. So keep things light-hearted and make sure you both have lots of fun with it!

Consider your location!

This is your time to pick the location for your engagement shoot. This will be an opportunity to show off not only yourselves but your journey as a couple:

Is it the first place you met? The first place you kissed? Or maybe somewhere significant to both of you? Your choice can communicate a lot about who you are as a couple.

Also, consider multiple locations to provide a variety of backdrops and storytelling opportunities.

Make sure you're both happy with it and consider how the weather will affect your photos - chat with your photographer about this.

How soon after you get engaged should you take engagement photos?

The sooner the better!

Not only does this give you more time to get your engagement photos done, you also have more time to plan your perfect shoot. If like many, you plan to use these photos as a unique wedding invite, you'll want to get your creative juices flowing and get planning!

We would say around 30 days after the engagement is a good time to have taken them. This allows you enough time to plan but also keeps it in that special window before life gets busy with wedding plans, etc.

Early engagement photos are great for unique invitations or save-the-dates.

Time of day

One of the most important things you’ll need to think about when it comes to your engagement photography is the time. There are two factors here that you’ll need to consider: the time of day and how this will affect your location.

Most outdoor sessions revolve around golden hour, but location, weather, and other factors can come into play. For example, sometimes there are more interesting shots taken at different times of the day than during golden hour so don’t limit yourself!

Golden hour is important because of its soft lighting. It means that you can get some clearer photos without having to use artificial light which is often required if you take photos outside during twilight hours or in cloudy conditions. Professional photographers will be able to advise when to shoot to get the best out of your photoshoot.


When it comes to your engagement photos, you’ll be looking at a wide variety of poses. It can seem daunting at first but don’t worry! Your photographer should gently guide you as required. My style is super relaxed and I'll help get you at ease within just a few shots!

It’s always best to pose that feels natural to you - if this is your first time in front of the camera, then that poses for you will result in photographs that feel more natural.

I'm Helen Weir - a professional Photographer is an award-who specialises in engagement photography for couples wanting to capture the most exciting period in their lives. I'll work with you to create unique and beautiful images that reflect who you are as a couple, so you can share them with family and friends for years to come.

My goal is not only creating stunning photographs but also making sure that your experience working with me is fun and enjoyable! I want my clients to feel comfortable during their session because I believe it shows through on camera!

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A recent engagement shoot...

Krupali and Sandeep had their Engagement shoot on Friday 16th April 2021, which took place in a lovely local Hertfordshire woodland. It was a gorgeous afternoon and the sun shone beautifully for us!

The shoot

The shoot was taken at a perfect time of day where the sun bounced off the lake and gleamed through the trees, lighting the beautiful wildflower beds below. Krupali and Sandeep were such a lovely couple to work with and were happy to shoot in different areas and move into positions with wonderful grace.  I simply had to ask if they'd done any modelling before, as they both seemed so natural with the whole experience.

Why an Engagement shoot? 

This is not only a great way to get to know your photographer, but experience the type of photos that will be taken on your special day.  Knowing this really does help alleviate any anxiety you may have with the photography element of your wedding.  Simply invaluable.

How long did the shoot last?

It lasted for about an hour and we were able to use multiple locations within the woodland.  This helped create a good selection of different photos.

What did the couple wear?

Krupali wore a beautiful floor-length summer dress adorned with little blue flowers and Sandeep wore a navy jacket and cream trousers.  They complemented each other really well and looked amazing.

Review from Krupali & Sandeep

Amazing, Professional, great end results!

Helen is such a gem to work with! She is dedicated to getting the best shots and we absolutely love the pictures she captured for us on the day! She turned them around quickly for us too and we couldn't recommend her enough! Professional, efficient and fun to work with!


Engagement photography tips in Hertfordshire


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