An Engagement shoot at Coltsfoot


An engagement shoot at Coltsfoot Country Retreat (, which was on the hottest day of the year with Sam & Kirsty, such a fun afternoon.   This is a venue, set amongst the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside, which really does feel like a little piece of rural heaven.  Firstly, we started the shoot against the lovely red brick building which made a fab backdrop.  Secondly, we moved onto the beautifully constructed foliage archway.  As the couple walked down the steps hand in hand, the building behind them, again made for a lovely backdrop.  There are so many areas at this venue in which to take some beautiful shots.  We were certainly blessed with some lovely sunshine and a wonderful venue.

Why did you book Coltsfoot Country Retreat in Hertfordshire for your Wedding?

During the shoot, I asked Sam and Kirsty the reasons for booking this venue.  They agreed, that after looking at a few,  Coltsfoot was the one for them.   They simply had to hold their special day there, due to how it made them feel and the lovely countryside with so many different animals.  I have to say, I can clearly see why they made Coltsfoot their choice of venue.  The brightly coloured gardens were so well kept, which was really surprising considering the lack of rain we'd had to date.  You could clearly see that they were well kept and well loved.  Coltsfoot really does lends itself to any type of weather and we managed to work around the brilliant sunshine, finding some well needed shade.  As you can see from the photos, this couple are truly in love and certainly know how to make one another laugh.

A great thing about this engagement shoot was that it was relaxed and no one was watching,  just how an engagement should be.  However, different from the big day and yet the similarities and familiarities really do help.  The dress rehearsal to your big day, is what I like to call an engagement shoot.  It's a great opportunity for me to get to know a couple before their big day and for them to know me enough to feel relaxed when Im taking their shots.

My Collections that include an engagement shoot.

My Collections Two and Three include an engagement shoot in the price, however you can always book one separately on top of other Collections.  This shoot really is the time when it becomes real and the excitement begins to mount.

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