Best places for a family shoot in Hertfordshire

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Best Places for a Family Shoot in Hertfordshire

If you are looking to take family photos or engagement shots, Hertfordshire is a wonderful location. The county has a range of picturesque locations that would be perfect for capturing memories and creating beautiful images.

Hertfordshire is known for its charming historic towns and beautiful countryside, making it an ideal place to have your family photographs taken.

Here is a list of places to consider for your next family shoot:

Hatfield House

Hatfield House is one of the most spectacular buildings in Hertfordshire, and it's surrounded by beautifully manicured gardens - perfect for family shots.

The gardens are just gorgeous, with ancient trees, lovely flowerbeds and sculptures, and the parkland appears to go on forever, with several designated walking routes.

Hitchin Lavender

Hitchin Lavender is a lovely place to spend the day with the family. As well as lavender fields, there are lots of different flowers and goodies on offer - from sweet treats to home-grown produce you can buy from the farm shop.

Rolling purple hills abound with photograph opportunities. To avoid the crowds, shoot for either the start or conclusion of the day.

If you like the colour purple, then Hitchin Lavender is definitely worth a visit!

Clarence Park

Clarence Park is a fantastic day out, featuring large open space and green surroundings. There are lots of different things to do here, as well as plenty of places for family photographs.

There is a large, perfectly manicured lawn suitable for picnics which makes it the ideal spot for family activities such as barbeques or playing games such as cricket or football

Cedars Park in Cheshunt

Cedars' park is a beautiful day out in Hertfordshire for small children. The park is lined with several flat pavement roads which make it perfect for children. The Palais Theobalds owned by King James I formerly built here and it still contains ruins. There is an excellent café and a gorgeous little nature centre where children can touch a skunk among other activities. That was an outstanding highlight with my young boys. The garden has been well maintained and provides visitors with great activities - including formal gardens and an arboretum.

Aylett Nurseries’ dahlia field & Celebration Garden

Aylett Nurseries' dahlia field and the Celebration Garden provide a beautiful location for family photography. The Celebration Garden is a unique flower garden with a modern twist. It displays fabulous floral arrangements throughout the year and also offers an outdoor wedding venue.

For family photography, Aylett Nurseries' Dahlias Field is likely to be perfect for you. It has been used by photographers from all around the world who have been searching for that perfect image of Hertfordshire's countryside. With over 100 acres of fields, gardens and woodland walks, this picturesque location will provide you with the perfect setting for your photos. The field is open all year round and can be rented out on a day or night shoot

Ashridge Estate

The Ashridge Estate in the Chilterns is an ideal backdrop for family photography. The estate hosts one of England's finest pine forests with areas that are perfect for exploring and picture taking. Parts of the forest also include rare rock plants and orchards with ancient oaks which provide a varied landscape throughout the year. There's also plenty of wildlife seen, owls are especially active at night.

The estate is located only 40 miles outside of London but has a rural appearance thanks to its vast forestry and picturesque views. If you're looking for family photography locations in Hertfordshire with plenty of natural beauty then the Ashridge Estate should be somewhere on your list.

Cassiobury Park

Cassiobury Park is a large open parkland that will be perfect for family photography. The park contains many different attractions. It's a great place to take a picnic, with plenty of space to sit and enjoy your sandwiches. If you're looking for something more lively then there are several activities for you to partake in - including pony rides, boating and pedal karts.

The park is a relaxing and restful location, as well as an ideal venue to stroll, run, fish, or simply sit by the canal and observe the boats go by on the Grand Union Canal.


Hertfordshire is a fantastic location for family shoots because it has so many beautiful locations that are perfect to document your memories. Ideal Hertfordshire family photography spots include the Aylett Nurseries' Dahlias Field, Cassiobury Park and Hitchin Lavender just to name a few. If you're looking for more information on finding the best Hertfordshire family photographers then feel free to get in touch.

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